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Humidification Fogging System for Wine Cellars

Humidification Fogging System

Create the Ideal Environment! Improve your Cellar Productivity with Constant Humidity

CoolMist Humidification systems are used with enormous advantages, to keep the precise humidity and temperature levels inside wine cellars.

Restore precise humidity level

Wine cellars during the year or in some periods suffer from insufficient humidity levels and are subject to various associated problems. A low humidity level is the main factor that causes natural evaporation of wine with the consequent loss of quality and money, not only on the product, on time and manpower due to the essential "Topping-Off" of wine into barrels to prevent oxidation and compromised quality of the finished product.

In addition, wood barrels in use or store suffer from the swings in humidity and are subject to dehydration of their external board structure which compromises comprises quality and efficiency.

Reduce the temperature

In cellars a near constant humidity and temperature is preferable to one that fluctuates. Barrels must be stored in a place protected from draught and light. Optimal humidity levels oscillate between 65% and 85%. Under 65% the risk of dehydration of barrels is very high while over 85% they could develop fungus and mould.

Without mould generation

A humidity level between 80% and 85% dramatically reduces "wine loss" and limits fungus and mould growth.

CoolMist misting systems provide natural, economical solutions to these issues by maintaining a constant humidity and well regulated temperature in the wine cellar.

Without wetting

Water is atomised by patented nozzles producing a droplet size smaller than 5-10 microns in diameter, these tiny droplets are immediately absorbed by the air without wetting your surrounds, barrels and underlying surfaces.

Improved profits and product quality

The results: barrels are kept efficient for longer, preserving the quality of the wood, allowing excellent wine production and preventing the natural evaporation of the product. Substantial cost savings provide return on investment within a short time.

The entire structure of barrels takes advantage from a precise humidity level. Barrel dehydration and opening of their joints during storage is prevented with the right level of humidity.

Benefits from the implementation of a CoolMist Humidification System:

  • Increased general productivity of the wine cellar
  • Maintaining constant and precise humidity levels
  • Prevents dehydration of wood barrels
  • Prevents the natural evaporation of the wine
  • Reduces the cost of manpower for periodic refilling
  • Does not wet, no risk of mould or bacteria
  • Regulates the ambient temperature
  • Economical to own and operate
  • Conserves energy and water


CoolMist systems also supply several electronically controlled systems that utilise special devices like thermostats, hygrostats and remote timers. These humidification systems give you, the customer, complete control over humidity in the best possible way. Now you can keep the desired environment, during the whole day, independently from the external climatic conditions.

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