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Premium Quality Fogging Systems...

When you invest in a misting solution, you want a system that you can depend on. CoolMist has selected leading European manufacturers who build superior quality equipment, designed specifically for high pressure misting applications.

This provides durable, efficient and reliable performance from your system.

CoolMist Fog / Mist systems combine a high pressure pump specifically designed for high pressure water atomisation; UV treated polyamide or stainless steel distribution lines and patented high precision nozzles to produce the finest CoolMist®, without getting you wet.

Our systems are available in mist line and mist fans or if using a combination of both we are able to combine the evaporative and convective cooling (wind chill factor) to achieve significant results.

All units only require water and power for operation. We supply the complete package of components either as a full unit ready to be installed or as individual components to compliment a previously installed system.

A chemical dosing pump can be added to the mist pump module to introduce odour-neutralizers, aromas or sanitisers to your misting system.

CoolMist is also proud to introduce the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon as the ultimate solution for dust control problems in many different industries. The A-JET range of products can be used indoors or outdoors and are available as a wall mount, ground mount, skid mount, truck or trailer mount system. Remote control hydraulic boom to lift the fog cannon up to 5.4m off the ground is also an option. Generator sets can also be mounted on the machines to allow more autonomy.

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