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Pre-Cooling AC Condensers, HVAC and Refrigeration units with Mist Systems

Increase Cooling Capacity while Lowering Demand and Energy Usage in Air Cooled Refrigeration and AC Systems using evaporative misting

Save up to 30% on cooling costs immediately!

With energy costs rising more and more each year to meet peak energy demand particularly from air-conditioning, NOW is the time to make sure that you REDUCE your energy consumption and SAVE MONEY.

Why Pre-Cooling benefits your business

The more efficiently your system runs, the less energy it consumes, the less greenhouse gases it releases and the more water it saves. The less energy and water it uses the less it costs.

During the hot weather commercial and industrial air-conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC units are under constant pressure to circulate enough cool air to the area where it is needed. To meet this demand the air-conditioning system / cooling system has to significantly increase the effort required to drive cool air through the system to compensate for the extreme heat outdoors. Put simply when air temperature increases, electricity consumption in air-conditioning units increases substantially and in addition to this process the cooling capacity of the air-conditioning unit decreases.

This increased load placed on the system results in poor performance, untimely shutdowns and product quality being compromised. In addition to the reduction of air-conditioning performance there is a substantial increase in electricity consumption and severe stress for mechanical parts, shortening the lifespan of the air-conditioning unit itself. Excessive loads on the condensing coil of the unit from extreme heat causes the eventual shut down of the air-conditioning unit.

What to expect from CoolMist Pre-Cool System:

  • Outside air temperature into the unit is lowered by up to 15°C
  • Energy consumption drops, saving electricity and money as much as 30%
  • Increases the efficiency of air-conditioning unit as much as 30%
  • Reduces system downtime
  • Improves occupant comfort level
  • Substantially extends the life time of all A/C units
  • Environmental benefits – lower consumption kW reducing your carbon footprint

Did you know?

Commercial and industrial air-conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC units can account for a minimum of 50% of a buildings monthly power consumption increasing the cost for electricity substantially.

Every one degree controlled temperature decrease in summer equates to a 10 percent increase in energy use.

Improve the operating efficiency of your cooling units and SAVE energy by up to 30% without the waste of water or other resources.

Pre-Cooling: A Simple Solution!

SAVE MONEY simply by reducing your energy consumption and lowering the work rate of your system. The advantage of mist pre- cooling is that in the process of the mist evaporation, the heat is absorbed more effectively than other ways of cooling. At the same time using less electricity and resources (as much as 80 % less than other pre-cooling methods).

Pre-Cooling : A Proven Technology!

An independent study conducted by Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009 found that "the application of water mist pre-cooling could increase the co-efficient performance by up to 30%”.
The researchers concluded that significant energy savings may be generated by "enhancing the heat transfer rate in condensers by using water mist to pre-cool ambient air temperature around the condenser coils”.

Pre-Cooling Science: A Simple Concept!

High pressure misting systems deliver a cooling mist of very fine water droplets of less than 10 micron in size. The ambient air temperature is reduced as these clouds of small drops absorb heat and "flash evaporate.” This can reduce the surrounding air temperature by up to 15°C. Utilising this simple principle of "thermal dynamics”, our high pressure misting systems are engineered to take full advantage of the "mist pre-cooling science”.

CoolMist install high pressure misting systems in front of the condenser coils to pre-cool the intake air passing through the condenser coils lowering the temperature and increasing the efficiency and cooling power of the air-conditioning system.

Increases the operating efficiency as much as 30%

Installing our unique pre-cooling misting system you can reduce the temperature by up to 15 degrees C, significantly improving the operating performance and efficiency of the air-conditioning units by as much as 30%.

When the outside temperature "ambient air” exceeds 30 Degrees C, the HVAC has to work harder to keep the temperature inside the building cool. Even at this relatively low temperature the air-conditioning units are not very efficient.
Lowering the ambient temperature with a mist pre-cooling system reduces the load placed on the air-conditioners condensers, substantially lowering the units head pressure, amp draw and cycle time. The cooler air passed across the condenser coil improves the heat transfer efficiency; the unit does not need the same amount of power to run. This increases its cooling potential and allows the system to run more efficiently to extend the operating life of the air-conditioning unit. 

Saving Energy makes good business sense.

When you cut your greenhouse gas emissions by saving energy, you'll also save money on energy bills. Over a year, this can really add up to give you more change in your pocket and a positive change for the environment. It’s like money in the bank! An optimised and correctly working HVAC system can increase staff and client comfort levels, work performance as well as financial and environmental benefits.

Start Saving Today - CoolMist Pre-Cool Systems Cut Energy Costs Dramatically!

CoolMist Pre-cooling misting systems save money by:   

  • Reducing energy costs by up to 30% (more cooling with less energy)            

  • Allows efficient equipment operation extending its life            

  • Optimising AC efficiency & performance with cooler inlet air            

  • Increase cooling capacity of air cooled equipment, allowing it to operate with maximum return even in hot conditions             

  • FAST ROI, savings start immediately

Instant savings, Fast ROI!

Reducing your business carbon footprint by saving energy is good for your business. You benefit from substantial cost savings through higher efficiencies due to lower condensing temperatures and subsequent lower head pressures. The unit runs more efficiently and less frequently, therefore less energy is used for GREATER cooling power.

CoolMist HVAC Pre-Cooling solution offers savings that are profitable and sustainable. Savings begin immediately; you may save up to 30% in energy reduction costs alone and make back your cost in a short period of time. CoolMist Pre-Cooling system also saves on wear and tear of equipment and costs of repair and replacement. 

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