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Odour Suppression Process

How it works

The process of high pressure fogging / misting acts as a natural odour suppressant. Static line systems or Turbo Fog fan misting systems can be used to create osmogenic barriers for the treatment of malodorous sites.

The osmogenic barrier is created by specific natural products that trap the malodorous molecules. These products are misted on the area to be treated, reducing the odours concentration released in the air.

To successfully neutralise malodours it is critical to apply very small droplets of water and specially formulated neutralising agents to the malodour cells. High pressure water atomisation creates the ideal process for creating water droplets small enough to successfully carry the neutralising agent to the malodour cell.

When the very small droplets contact with the cell the neutralising agents assist the water droplets to envelope the cell forming a “Micelle” . From this point the neutralising agent creates two changes to the cell:


  1. The weight of the malodour cell is increased dramatically and it starts to fall towards the ground therefore not carrying to areas in close proximity causing odour nuisances.
  2. It is able to start metabolically breaking down this cell into a form that emits no odour, the malodour cell breaks down either on the ground, in the air or on wall surfaces and there is no biological residue left.

By treating the offending malodorous molecules in this way an efficiency rate up to 80% or more is attainable.

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