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Odour Control Solutions

Odour Control Solutions

Clean, Safe, Natural - Smell the Difference...

Improve air quality by removing odour causing compounds from the air!

Odour control is seen as a specialised field of expertise and it is for this reason CoolMist offer economic solutions designed to assist you to effectively manage your odour problems.

Fogging, misting systems are very efficient in the suppression of airborne odours. Using high pressure atomised water mist with odour counteractant solutions this problem area is handled with ease.

In fact you can achieve up to an 90% efficiency rate of smell demolition without the worry of restoration of the original odorous molecule.

Cleans the Air! No risk of dangerous secondary products...

When we deliver natural essential oils using high pressure atomised water mist the drops are so fine they bind with the odour molecule absorbing the odourous compound. The odour is quickly neutralised by the essential oil and plant extract components of the formula. When bonded with the atomised water the odour molecules become trapped inside the nanostructures where an actual air cleaning action occurs, the odour properties cancel each other out and become imperceptible. Due to its increased weight, the cluster formed by this process drops settling to the ground or statically bonds to wall surfaces where a bio-degrading process begins to break it down.

Specific technologies for the effective treatment of odour emissions industry .

CoolMist have three specific technologies available for the treatment of odour emissions.
Osmogenic barriers
Biological treatments
Filtering systems

Solutions for Commercial and Domestic use that actually do work...immediately!

We also have non-misting solutions for your home, pets, business, school, transport, hospitals and aged care facilities. Our commercial and industrial grade odour products and equipment assist you to quickly and effectively remove those unwanted odours that come from strong, concentrated smells and accidental spills.


Whether you require product delivery through our static line high pressure fogging / misting systems, Turbo Fog Range, Non-Misting alternatives or our innovative filtration systems, we have the solution for you.

Using any of our simple yet effective solutions we can assist you to select the best alternative suited to your needs without impacting on the environment.

CooMist offer exclusive products that represent the most forefront and efficient solutions for the neutralisation of odour associated with organic and chemical waste. Our products are made of natural elements that instantly remove odour causing molecules not mask them. These products are used extensively and highly successfully throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

Whilst these treatments for odour abatement are considered superior to competitors globally, they are Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Environmentally Safe and Fully Bio-degradable.

Our Odour Control Best Sellers

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