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Odour Control Systems a range of technologies with a NATURAL efficiency

Odour Control Systems

Solving industrial odour issues

With the urban sprawl encroaching closer to areas that have been set aside for industrial operations successful management of nuisance odours is paramount. When nuisance odours from your business operation drift over neighbouring communities generating complaints, you may be subject to large penalties from governing bodies.

CoolMist specialised Odour Control Systems and Odour Neutralisation Products can assist you in managing these problems and offer plants set-up, testing and start-up, together with post sales service and monitoring.

CoolMist offer three different specific technologies for the treatment of odour emissions:

Osmogenic Barrier

The osmogenic barrier is perfect to solve problems of smells coming out from diffused sources: specific natural products properly sprayed can stop malodorous molecules by interfering with their trajectory. Such a barrier is based on micelle-like nano-aggregates inside which malodorous molecules get trapped, due to water repellent types of forces. Through a carefully designed distribution of spraying nozzles, fed by spraying devices specifically designed and manufactured, CoolMist exclusive all natural formulas ensure the necessary process to reduce odour concentration(Cod). Odour abatement efficiency in various application fields have been tested with olfactometric investigations carried out to the European standard EN13725, the results of which confirmed an efficiency rate higher than 70% in all investigated fields.

Biological Treatments

Biological solutions based on a wide range of high quality selected efficient micro-organisms and enzymes, which have not been genetically modified, can effectively degrade various substances, while reducing polluting loads and olfactive impacts of biological matrixes to be treated.
These solutions are particularly suitable for the cleaning and disinfecting of waste collection bins and the reclamation of grounds that have been polluted by hydrocarbons.

Filtering Systems

DKFIL® was created as an innovative filtering system capable of reducing contaminating components present in effluents. Thanks to an accurate design of filtering materials DKFIL® allows reaching efficiencies higher than 95% as regards the demolition of high odour concentrations, even months after it was set up and without any type of maintenance.
Through a combined process of neutralization, adsorption and oxidoreduction, DKFIL® can demolish substances, whether acid or basic, and operate in critical conditions presenting heavy physical parameters. 


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