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Misting and Fogging systems for Humidification and Environmental Control for greenhouses, garden centres and propogation.

The task of managing the climate in your Greenhouse is essential to maximise plant growth and promote healthy thriving plants. High pressure misting systems are recognised as a cost effective and energy efficient method for regulating temperature, humidity and moisture content within the greenhouse environment. 

Low humidity and high temperatures cause growers serious problems particularly when the humidity level in their greenhouse drops below RH 30%. Poor plant growth and tissue damage is the result from loss of energy through evaporation of water from the plant leaves. Misting and fogging systems provide a practical solution for super-charging greenhouse growing conditions.

CoolMist Humidification and Cooling Systems for year-round temperature and humidity control.

CoolMist fogging systems work on high pressure of 1000 psi and are designed to deliver billions of water droplets from each nozzle smaller than 5-10 microns in diameter. Due to their tiny size, the droplets remain suspended in the air producing a fog that quickly evaporates without wetting to cool and humidify and provide a more suitable climate for the plants. The environment created allows higher density planting, disease reduction and decreases crop loss during rooting, germination and propagation.

During summer the CooMist systems quick evaporation of the fog provides the much needed cooling in the greenhouse due to evaporative cooling, while it humidifies the environment in areas with relatively low humidity.

In winter, plant dehydration and loss caused by heating systems can be controlled as the relative humidity levels are maintained by the CoolMist system.

The CoolMist Humidification and Cooling System works in conjunction with control set-ups that allow you to program temperature and humidity levels within your greenhouse. Control your greenhouse environment by pre-programming the best setting for your micro climate and let your fogging system regulate to your optimal settings.  

The environment produced by our systems is suitable for greenhouses, garden centres, mushroom cultivation, propogation and seed germination.


  • Better growth and yield for fruit and vegetables
  • Higher quality plants
  • Prevent growth lag caused by unfavourable climatic conditons
  • Regulate and control temperature and humidity levels for even propogation and growth
  • Maintain favourable conditions year round
  • Reduce irrigate / water consumption
  • Improved working conditions
  • Lower energy consumption
Each component of our high pressure system is chosen for its superior quality, the end result is a solution you can rely on to regulate your greenhouse.  At the heart of every CoolMist Humidification System is the pump. Our pumps are extremely efficient and use very little electrical energy.Our systems offer a large pump range to cover flow rates from 1 lpm in the Premium Series up to 170 lpm in our Industrial PRO Series. Each pump unit is a stand-alone system incorporating a positive displacement pump, direct drive motor, pressure relief, thermal overload and pre-filtration. 


  • Large range of high pressure pump modules operating at 1000 psi
  • High pressure flexible or stainless steel atomisation line for even fog distribution
  • Precision Fog nozzles made from brass and stainless designed for high pressure fogging
  • Total control with Temperature and Humidity regulation devices
Our systems offer many different combinations. Therefore, it is best to consult with our team to ensure the best solution for your set-up. 

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