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Odour Under Control

Avoid hefty fines, reduce the stress associated with your business activities so you can concentrate on the productive side of your operation.

Odour under controlWith more and more pressure from governments on businesses and industries that impact on their neighbours, it has become increasingly important to neutralize odour emissions in a Safe, Natural, Environmentally Friendly yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way.

The best way to achieve this is to neutralize the odour and remove it from the air. This is done through a carefully designed fogging distribution system using CoolMist's exclusive essential oil counteractant and not with a masking agent ensuring the necessary process for odour concentration (Cod) reduction.

Odour under controlThrough the use of odour products and proven design skills this process can be successfully engaged to combat and neutralise most malodours at its source.

The design and application of an odour control system is crucial in ensuring the very best results are obtained for your environment. Working with you, considerations of the environment, process and technologies are taken into account to create the most suitable system design that will deliver the odour control product to the source, optimising the odour neutralisation process.

Our methods of application include static mist line high pressure system, Turbo Fog 500 unit and the  A-JET Turbo Fog range. By treating the offending malodorous molecules in this way an efficiency rate up to 80% or more can be attained.

Odour under controlAlso available CoolMist can assist you to remove pungent odours from the air using an innovative air filtering system DKFIL® reaching an odour demolition efficiency rate above 95%, allowing you to maintain excellent relationships with your surrounding neighbours.

Fields of Application
Fogging / Misting
Composting plants Sewerage Plants
Waste Treatment plants
Water Pumping Stations
Effluent Treatment ponds Waste Collectiion facilities
Landfill Sites Waste Water Treatment
Recycling Facilities Leachate treatment
Foundries Foods Industry
Distilleries Fodder production processes
Cement manufacturing
Fibreglass production
Tyre manufacturing Animal Breeding
Paper Mills Organic Waste
Rendering plants
Poultry Farms  
Poultry Processing plants
Cattle Feedlots  



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