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Misting and Fogging Specialist
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Efficient outdoor cooling for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

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Dust Suppression

Solutions for Dust Control Management without wetting the process area.

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Maintain precise relative humidity AND Control your environments moisture content.

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Odour Control

Improve air quality by removing odour causing compounds from the air.

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Would you like to keep warm outside during the cold winter months?

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Heating Outdoors A welcome change to outdoor heating. If you are looking for a safe, reliable, robust and energy-efficient patio heater then look no further than Heating Outdoor's newest designs in radiant outdoor heating. Bringing indoor comfort to outdoor spaces has become much simpler with these Eco-friendly range of heaters.
  • Adventure World
  • Appy Kennels
  • Bird 2
  • Boab Tavern and Bar
  • Bracken Ridge Tavern
  • Bradken
  • Brikmakers
  • Burnewang North
  • Castro Farms
  • Cornerstone Stud
  • Craig Mostyn Farms
  • Farmer Jacks
  • Floraplant
  • Geisel Park Stud
  • Hale Road Tavern
  • House of Honey
  • Hyde Park Hotel
  • IGA
  • Little Creatures
  • Midland Timber
  • Muchea Tree Farm
  • Muchea Tree Farm - new
  • Plantrite
  • Print Hall
  • Sitella Winery
  • Suncloud Farm
  • Supa IGA
  • Sweeter Banana
  • The Ashby Bar and Bistro
  • The Aviary
  • The Duckstein
  • The Feral
  • The Garden
  • The Generous Squire
  • The House of Honey
  • The Mean Fiddler
  • The Queens
  • The Redsands Tavern
  • The Reveley Bar
  • The Rosemount Hotel
  • The Royal on the Waterfront
  • The Stables
  • The Tav
  • Toast

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