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Humidity Control with Misting

Increase Your Competitive Advantage with Moisture Control using a CoolMist Humidification Fogging System...

Maintain precise relative humidity AND Control your environments moisture content, evaporation and static charge through climate control with humidification systems.

If your business requires humidification and temperature control you know that the stability of the moisture content in the environment can provide a significant positive impact on the productivity and financial performance of your business.

Natural and climatic conditions cause the humidity to vary greatly which can affect product quality and consistency. By using the right techniques to control the environment, you can make the climatic conditions in your business or industry ideal.

A Humidification Fogging System makes an excellent choice to combat dry air and the associated problems that come with it. Controlling the humidity levels in your business or industry using a humidification fogging system, you can provide a significant improvement to the overall operation. By specifically setting and maintaining humidity and temperature of your operation profitability can be improved.

To deliver precise humidification for many applications CoolMist humidification systems are the ideal solution. High pressure water atomisation humidifies the environment and is used to provide optimum air humidity, an even dry mist, reduction in air temperature and a uniform climate.

Businesses that use and benefit from CoolMist Humidification Systems include:

  • Fresh Produce Retailer - Retain nutrients, appearance and freshness
  • Warehousing and Cold Room Storage of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit - maintain weight and appearance of stored produce
  • Grower and Propagation Nurseries - Climate control to provide optimal growing conditions for your plants by replenishing their water needs
  • Timber, Furniture and Woodworking Plants - Control low moisture conditions that cause distortion, cracking, swelling and warping. Stabilize the environment and maintain equilibrium moisture content (EMC)
  • Wine Industry - Evaporation control, corking control, admixing management
  • Printing/Paper/Packaging Manufacturers - Explosion control of flammable inks & solvents
  • Electronics Industry - Static charge control, dust suppression
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Industry - Climate control to keep your produce fresh longer in storage, in transit and on the shelf

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Ensure your business can compete on a level playing field and gain a competitive edge over your opponents. Join our many clients that already realise the benefits from their CoolMist Humidification Fogging system.

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