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Humidity Control - Fresh Produce Misting

Produce misting

Are Refrigeration Drying Effects Impacting on Your Bottom Line?  It doesn’t have to…

As a result of dehydration, the weight of fresh food drops considerably: vegetables can lose between 15 & 58% of their weight, meat can lose up to 15% of its weight, fish 12% and cheese 15%. Dehydrated produce damages the image of freshness and seriously affects sales results to the fresh food retailer. Weight loss and wastage both contribute to a hard cost on your bottom line, over time the financial implications which result are very significant.

Boost your sales & profits with fresh, crisp & longer lasting produce!

Today you can offer your customers fresh produce that looks as though it has come direct from the garden. At CoolMist we understand that the key to increased sales and longer shelf-life is keeping produce fresh and appetizing. We also understand that having a competitive edge is crucial to the long term growth and success of your business.

High pressure water atomisation - Produce Misting  provides you with that advantage

CoolMist humidification system offers considerable benefits to the Fresh Produce Retailer: weight loss is cut to as much as 90% and freshness is extended  for up to 72 hours and your customer's benefit too !   Your customer can choose quality fresh fruit and vegetables from your store that is attractive, fresh, crisp and nutritious with the confidence that it willl store well once they take it home.

Quality Produce with Long-lasting Freshness

With a CoolMist humidification system you can:

  • Maintain the right level of humidity during storage and display 
  • Prevent your produce from dehydration, increase humidity and reduce evaporation by up to 50%
  • Maintain weight, quality and freshness
  • Improve your profitability with less shrinkage and wastage
  • Increase your Sales by retaining product quality and freshness
  • Attract more customers with evident freshness of your product
  • Retain nutrients, appearance and crispness, allowing you to deliver the BEST product to your customers and keep them coming back to buy more
  • Increase the shelf life of your product therefore maximising your investment
  • Reduce labour hours spent manually moistening produce, SAVE TIME AND MONEY with an automated rehydrating mist system 
  • Minimum water usage
  • Low operating cost, power consumption is very low
  • Meet your business needs and requirements with a custom designed mist system

Increase Your Profit, while your CoolMist Humidification System Pays for Itself...

Case Study Results - Metro Store

Weight losses with and without misting humidification systems

Benefits you can see -The charts below compare cooled spaces at 5ºC without humidifcation and with humidification over 10 days. The charts  refer to products with an ideal level of humidification, which is not always the true situation, given that fresh produce is subject to drastic humidity losses along the supply chain.

CoolMist allows produce to be perfectly rehydrated, with the benefits obtained far greater than those shown below.

Clear Savings

Here is an example of achievable savings in the fruit and vegetable section of a grocery store.

  • Daily Sales:           $1000
  • Daily Loss :           $80 (without misting, due to weight loss or deterioration 8%)
  • Daily Loss:            $40 (with CoolMist Humidification unit, due to loss or deterioration 4%)
  • Expected daily saving: $40.00
  • Total annual saving:    $12,480 (based on 312 working days)

Proven results for a fast return on your investment... Our expertise and equipment has delivered results for our clients and provided a real return on their investment in a relatively short period of time.

 No-fuss humidification!

Once you decide to use CoolMist Humidification System at your sales point, CoolMist will custom design the most functional layout of the system to guarantee you the advantage of precise humidification combined with reliable results and practical operation.


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