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1. Can I purchase the system as a kit and install it myself?
AnswerCoolMist Systems are designed with ease of installation in mind. All you require are a few simple tools.  CoolMist can provide your system in DIY kit form with all the components required to complete your installation. Our detailed installation, operation and maintenance manual will guide you through the installation.
2. How do misting systems suppress dust?

The principle behind effective dust suppression is to deliver water droplets similar in size to that of the fugitive dust particle. Water droplets that are too large deflect the dust particle leaving the dust air-borne.

CoolMist high pressure systems operate at 1000 psi to maintain strong steady pressure required to produce atomized water droplets sized 5-10 microns. Billions of micro-fine water droplets similar in size to the dust particles are dispersed to engulf the dust cloud. These then combine with the minute dust particles and together they fall to the ground or process area, leaving the air dust-free.

The water droplet sized (10 millionth of a meter in diameter) provides optimum performance for attraction and suppression of PM 10 and smaller dust particles giving them little chance of escape. The dust control system effectively removes breathable and fugitive dust particles from 1 to 100 microns. The water droplets can be dispersed across most types of material to bond with dust particles assisting in the dust suppression process.

3. How do misting systems work?

Misting systems use "flash evaporation" to provide excellent cooling, humidification or dust suppression for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Equipment is custom designed to suit each individual application.

The system comprises of a high pressure pump module, distribution tubing, and misting lines constructed of stainless or polyamide tubing, or stainless steel rings fitted to the front of industrial fans.

Normal mains pressure water is pressurized to 1000 PSI then forced through specially designed nozzles. The water is atomised into millions of droplets 5-10 microns in size. The droplets "Flash Evaporate" and absorb the heat in the air.


4. What is the difference between a CoolMist System and a cheaper alternative?

Inexpensive misting systems are built for price and price only. They were not built to last long and are made from the cheapest foreign components you can get.

 We are very selective in the selection of the manufacturers for the components that make up our misting systems, therefore as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." All of our misting systems use fittings made from high quality components, tubing, pipe, and misting nozzles. This means our misting systems will last you a long time and provide you with the highest quality mist possible. 

5. What is the difference between a low and high pressure system?

High pressure systems operate off mains water pressure using a high pressure pump to convert plain water into mist at 1000 psi. The pump maintains strong steady pressure necessary to create “flash evaporation” immediately upon contact with hot air. This effect creates “conditioned air” that can cool a given area by up to 15 degrees Celcius. “You get cool not wet” is a fact as high pressure systems provide you with the best evaporation rate and has the most effective cooling power of all mist systems. High-pressure mist systems cool up to 3 times better than low-pressure mist systems.

Low pressure systems operate off mains water tap to transfer water through the distribution system. On average, a hose puts out about 60psi compared to our high pressure systems that put out about 20 times as much pressure. A system working directly from the mains tap only means the droplet size of the atomised water is slightly larger than droplets from a high pressure system. This means that complete evaporation may not be achieved.

6. What is the difference between a mist system and a fog system?

Simply put, a misting system and a fogging system are two terms to describe the same thing. 

7. Which mist cooling system is the right one for me?

Whilst there are varying pressures available to operate mist cooling systems, to achieve the most effective and efficient results the industry standard for misting systems is recognized at 1000 psi.  

Mist systems operating at low to mid pressure although considerably cheaper, produce larger droplets, leave residual moisture and result in less cooling capacity. To effectively vaporise water into droplets small enough to flash evaporate, you need a misting system that produces at least 700 psi.

When choosing your system, look for a reputable dealer that understands your needs and has a thorough knowledge of their product. This will ensure you have a well-designed mist cooling system that has the most effective cooling power and efficient operation. And in the unlikely event something does go wrong they are there to give you full support after the sale. 

8. Will I get wet from a low pressure misting system?

When it comes to our low pressure misting systems and misting products, they will not get you "wet" because of the high quality misting nozzles we use to create FINE water droplets. Low pressure misting products  from some of our competitors may leave you feeling "wet" because they use inexpensive misting nozzles that  create big water droplets. Even if not all of the water evaporates from your misting system, the fine mist the nozzles produce feels very refreshing on a hot summer day! 

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