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Misting and Fogging Dust Suppression


Tailored Solutions for mines, bulk materials handling, construction & demolition, waste and recycling facilities

Dust has a significant health and environmental impact associated within many areas including mining, construction, demolition, manufacturing and agriculture industries. Activities such as earthworks, excavation, blasting, transportation, product processing, waste and recycling facilities can typically generate dust which can be exacerbated by dry climatic conditions and winds.

Why Dust Control?

No dust is considered harmless to human health; recent epidemiological reports suggest that there is no threshold at which adverse health effects do not occur. Dust particles decrease machinery performance and production quality.

Airborne dust can also create significant pollution problems in neighbouring areas arising in complaints to regulatory authorities. Increasing pressure from government regulatory authorities, workers and the community means that measures to control fugitive dust emissions have become a high priority for both the operational and environmental management systems in business and industry.

Dust Control Management Solutions

The Key to Effective Dust Suppression

An effective dust suppression system is necessary to meet EPA environmental air quality standards, DEC licence regulations and protect workers' health. Most methods of dust suppression involve expensive systems such as bag houses and electrostatic precipitators. Research and development has shown that high pressure misting systems using under 10 micron water droplets attract and suppress PM10 and smaller dust particles.

Successfully tackle dust in your industry!

CoolMist Dust Suppression Systems are essential in helping you meet your licence regulations and keep dust under control at your specific dust points. The Dust Control Systems effectively capture dust particles of PM10 or less reducing breathable and fugitive dust in the surrounding air.

CoolMist Systems Australia design, supply and install high pressure misting systems tailored to suit your site’s particular needs. These high pressure systems are the key to effective dust control. Our systems are designed to target breathable and fugitive dust particles from 3 to 500 microns. The Dust Control Systems can be installed to combat general airborne dust over a large area or they can be installed at the point where dust generation occurs. When open spaces require dust suppression, and a static line system is not a practical option, the solution may lie with the introduction of an ‘A-JET Turbo Fog’ dust suppression machine to the site.

Protect your investment, improve quality and productivity plus elevate OH&S compliance in your business without massive capital and operating expense.

CoolMist high pressure mist systems and the revolutionary A-JET Turbo Fog units provide reliable, effective and economic solutions to managing dust issues.


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