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Effective dust suppression systems with misting

Fog Dust Control

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High pressure misting systems, also referred to as fog systems are the most effective and economically viable means of dust suppression. To achieve effective suppression, the water particle needs to be similar in size to the fugitive dust particle.

CoolMist Static Line Dust Suppression Systems deliver a mist / fog of very fine water droplets, produced as clouds of mist. When applied to your dust problem our high-pressure pumps deliver atomised water droplets from 5 -10 microns in size which are so fine they float through the cloud of dust particles binding them together creating a heavy mass which drops to the ground to reduce dust nuisance without wetting the area.

Size matters

The water molecule (10 millionth of a meter in diameter) provides the optimum size droplet for attraction and suppression of PM 10 and smaller dust particles. The misting / fogging systems can effectively remove breathable and fugitive dust particles from 1 to 100 microns.The water droplets are dispersed across most types of material to bond with dust particles assisting in the dust suppression process.

A properly designed and installed misting system can suppress and remove breathable fugitive dust particles as small as 1 micron in diameter and easily exceed the EPA PM10 standards for dust suppression.       

Benefits of the CoolMist Dust Suppression System

  • Effectively capture dust particles as small as PM10 or less leaving the air breathable
  • Distribute fog evenly, separating the fog particles as they form which prevents wetting
  • Increase equipment performance and reliability
  • Increase production quality
  • Decrease machinery maintenance costs through dust reduction with less wear and tear on equipment
  • Increase visibility and reduce dust irritation to workers onsite
  • Save man hours on clean up
  • Does not wet your surrounds therefore your stock, machinery and personnel stay dry
  • Reduce the risk of dust explosion and fire
  • Reduce unpleasant odours
  • Improve relations with neighbours
  • Creates a cooler environment for your workers

Applications for CoolMist Dust Control Systems include:         

Mine sites and quarry crushing plants

Veneer and plywood plants

Ore conveyor systems Woodchip operations
Stock piles Joineries and furniture
Refuse collection and sorting plants Brickworks 
Recycling plants Demolition and construction sites 
Pulp and Paper Mills Foundries 
Sawmills  Landfill sites


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