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Outdoor Cooling using Mist Systems for Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Commercial Venues

Professional Series Mist System 

Lower the temperature in your outdoor areas and treat your patrons to a cool and refreshing oasis!

Are you ready for another long hot summer? In Australia if you are an owner of a restaurant, cafe, hotel or customer service business summertime can mean big dollars as people look to take advantage of the warmer weather.

Keep your customers cool and comfortable in your outdoor areas.

Summer business is even more critical when you have an outdoor dining and bar area. When temperatures rise and these areas become too hot and uncomfortable for clients, you risk them being compelled to find a cooler alternative.

Misting systems in Australia are quickly becoming the solution of choice for innovative business operators.

CoolMist® Systems Australia high pressure misting

Here's how CoolMist® Systems Australia high pressure misting provides you with the solution for cooling all your outdoor areas!

By providing relief from the heat you can turn an under-utilised area into a well patronised space, increasing your trade over summer. Attract more customers to your business and keep them there providing them with a cool, comfortable, relaxed and virtually fly free area using a CoolMist Misting System.

Using a fogging / misting system you can take control of your outdoor climate and reduce the temperature by up to 15°C.

CoolMist extends trade outdoors keeping customers cool and comfortable!

Our high pressure misting systems also deters flies making the area even more comfortable for patrons which means more business for you.These results were previously not achievable or far too cost prohibitive.The improved conditions allow you to fully utilise your outdoor areas and encourages customers to stay longer, increasing turnover and allowing you to maximise your investment.

With a CoolMist Outdoor Cooling System you can:

  • Lower the temperature of your outdoor areas by up to 15°C to keep your clients cool and relaxed
  • Improve the client experience and staff working conditions in your outdoor area
  • Increase customer loyalty by keeping them refreshed and comfortable
  • Your customers will stay longer increasing your profits and maximising your investment
  • Extend trade and allow your facility to use normally dormant areas
  • Naturally suppress smoke and other odours providing a healthier environment
  • By keeping your patrons comfortable and relaxed means they will stay longer and spend more
  • Deter flying insects to make your customers experience even more enjoyable
  • Make your venue a place client's want to return, to increase your trade

Your System is Perfect for:

  • Outdoor dining and bar areas
  • Assisting you to maintain a steady revenue base
  • Economical and reliable
  • Attracting passerbys
  • Visually effective
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly with minimum water usage
  • Quality Equipment
  • Minimal maintenance required

CoolMist Outdoor Cooling Systems are ideal for:

Restaurants   Poolside Gazebos
Hotels   Marquee Functions
Resorts   Sports Events
Cafes   Schools
Bars   Day Care Centres
Beer Gardens   Theme Parks

Install NOW and Beat the Summer Heat

A well designed mist system can be a remarkable addition to your business. CoolMist provide custom designed systems, professional installation as well as self-installation kits complete with detailed DIY instructions. With a properly supplied and installed system your surrounds and clients won’t even feel any moisture.

Our mist systems only requires water and power to provide a viable solution to cooling your outdoor venue. Compared to other options on the market, CoolMist provides the best value for your investment. Our mist systems are energy efficient and cost far less to run than conventional air-conditioning systems.

CoolMist Offer: FREE Custom Design

  • Specialised Industry Knowledge & Experience 
  • Professional Installation 
  • DIY Kits with detailed instruction manual 
  • Affordable European quality equipment

For outdoor summer comfort - Call us and speak directly to one of our friendly consultants who can recommend the correct type and size outdoor cooling system for your venue. 

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