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Commercial and Domestic Odour Neutralisers - Remove Unpleasant Odours Fast!

Commerical and Residential Odour neutraliser

Odour Neutralisers for commercial and domestic use

Traditionally odour eliminators that are in use worldwide are technically known as "masking agents". Strong odours remain long after the area has been thoroughly cleaned. Combating unwanted odours that come from strong concentrated smells and accidental spills require products that are very effective in neutralising offending malodours to leave the air smelling neutral and fresh.

OH So FRESH is a highly effective environmentally friendly range of odour control products. The premium odour neutraliser range has been developed specifically for use  in both commercial and domestic environments where unwanted odour problems persist.

The premium odour neutraliser range with Maximum Odour Effectiveness, OH So FRESH brings A Breathe of Fresh Air  when combating  strong unpleasant odours.

OH So FRESH products remove the odour at the source and is not just another masking agent. Each product in the range captures and neutralises the offensive molecules by "switching them off" quickly and effectively.

Formulated with natural plant extracts our products are 100% safe for people, pets and the environment.

OH So FRESH products are suitable for use at Home, Schools, Day Care Centres, Aged Care Facilities, Taxis, Veterinary Clinics, Office, Car and more...

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Environmentally Friendly!
Our products are 100% bio-degradable, Chemical free, safe for people, pets and our planet.

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