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Temperatures to hit 47degrees across NSW this week


As the mercury rises and NSW prepares to swelter through another summer day, employees working in industrial and manufacturing plants will find the temperatures in their facilities reach excessive levels. Large open workshops, warehouses, tyre fitting shops and packing sheds are difficult to keep cool in summer and the risk of heat stress is high. 

Employees face serious health risks from overheating while performing daily tasks and when the temperature rises over 29º Celcius their ability to perform these tasks decreases rapidly. 

How does heat stress affect worker productivity?

According to a study conducted by NASA, * NASA CR-1205-1 “A Compendium of Human Responses to the Aerospace Environment” at 29ºC, work output drops by 18% while accuracy suffers by 40%. NASA report CR-1205(1) shows just how seriously the heat can affect abilities. In Australia’s hot climate, temperatures often rise above 30ºC, so it is important to avoid heat related injuries… high pressure misting systems and misting fans help do just that!

Keep staff cool and out of danger - Misting Systems - The Best Way to Combat Summer Heat

CoolMist’s misting systems have proven a viable cost effective solution for workplace climate control in Australia’s harsh summer environment including work areas, staff recreational areas (wet mess) and condenser pre-cooling applications. The compact, unobtrusive space saving system leaves work areas clear and is a practical technology to incorporate into your heat stress OH&S management plan.

Misting Systems provide cost effective cooling
Within an industrial setting, CoolMist’s versatile systems have been used to cool an entire work space or strategically placed for localised ‘spot cooling’ sections within the working area. A mist cooling system works on the principle of evaporation and uses your water supply to cool the surroundings. It doesn't consume energy like an air-conditioning system so you don't have to worry about your power bill. And in terms of cooling effectiveness, it's as good as an A/C, dropping the temperature by as much as 15ºC. 

A high-pressure mist system or mist fan system is an ideal addition to your work place. By keeping the area cool, whether it is an area used for work or leisure, your workers core temperature can be kept at an acceptable level. CoolMist presents a viable and cost effective solution for small (20m²), medium (500m²-5000m²) to extra large spaces of 10,000m². 

And if you thought that mist systems are used for cooling only, then you should know that they can help in dusty environments. Misters keep dust down by cleaning the air and help reduce dust irritation to staff in the workplace. 

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