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Shopping at the Mezz keeps everyone "In the Cool"


If you are in the Perth area and are out for a bit of shopping, stop by 'The Mezz' in Mt Hawthorn and cool off in the outdoor mall that has been fitted with a CoolMist Outdoor Cooling System!

The mist cooling system was installed in the open-air shopping mall this summer to help shoppers beat the heat. 'The Mezz' shopping centre has created a "must go to" place with something for everyone; shopping, kids playground, live entertainment, relaxation areas and meals alfresco style. With the addition of the high-pressure mist cooling system from CoolMist Systems Australia, visitors to the centre are met with a cool, comfortable ambience as they enter the outdoor mall area. 

"It communicates the attention and thought that 'The Mezz' has taken to ensure their shoppers comfort during the hot summer months," says Kim Smith, General Manager of CoolMist Systems Australia. "The outdoor cooling system offers relief even if it is sizzling hot."  The technology produces a mist so fine that it "flash evaporates" in the surrounding air to give a temperature drop up to 15 degrees celcius, it also adds an aesthetic appeal that captivates passers-by and draws them in. 

"With the local restaurant access, outdoor space and public areas to rest and recharge, adding a creative measure such as a misting system allows 'The Mezz' to stand-out against other retail centres in the Perth Metro area," says Kim. The CoolMist system adds a sense of luxury, an air of comfort and successfully communicates individualised attention to visitors and their families.

As retail architecture advances and outdoor retail centres pave the shopping landscape, Kim envisages more shopping centres like 'The Mezz' will embrace strategically situated outdoor misting and keep customers returning by providing welcome relief throughout summer with a cooling, refreshing environment. 

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