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Hot enough? Things are going to get hotter!


An article in the Brisbane Times today stated that October's heat records may not be the last this season. 

Australia has been experiencing unusually hot and dry weather and it is set to extend well into Summer, and according to the Bureau of Meteorology there is increased risk of bush fires and heat waves to come. The bureau's forecast for temperature and rainfall over the November-January period indicate that there's a good chance of drier than normal conditions across eastern Australia. 

The article said that "most of Australia can expect hotter than usual day and night time temperatures for the next three months". Even though predictions say Australia may not break the annual heat records set last year, it seems Global Warming has increased the odds that Australia will post hotter temperatures. 

According to the US government, temperatures world-wide for the first nine months were equal to warmest on record. These records of the weather patterns dating back to more than a century indicate that 2014 is shaping up to being on par with 2005 and 2010 as the hottest calendar year on record. If 2014 is anything like last year's Summer around Australia we can expect those extended scorching periods to go for many days and even run into several weeks. 

In these hot conditions mist cooling provides you  the best solution to stay cool no matter where you are in Australia.  To do this properly you need a professional company such as CoolMist with knowledge, expertise and proven top quality products to service your needs.

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