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Animal and Livestock Cooling using Mist Systems

Animal and Livestock cooling

When the temperature soars, protect your animals and livestock with a mist cooling system...

Summertime weather can be too hot to handle for many animals. Unlike humans, most animals can't sweat to reduce body heat. Generally animals with fur or feathers, pant expelling excess heat in their breath. Whilst panting compensates by providing an outlet for the animals extra body heat, even more care needs to be taken to prevent our animals from overheating ... or "Heat Stress"

Keep your Animals COOL, SAFE and HEALTHY... Heat Stress can lead to general discomfort, a decline in animal performance, poor growth, illness and even death of the animal.

The key to combating heat stress is prevention, CoolMist high pressure misting systems have the solution.

You can take control of your climate and keep your animals cool and content by installing a CoolMist Fog / Mist cooling system. Our systems quickly and effectively cool the surrounding air by up to 15 degrees.

How does the CoolMist Mist Cooling system work?

By delivering an ultra fine mist of water into the air the heat energy is absorbed out of the surrounding air by the flash evaporation of the 5-10 micron size droplets, this process subsequently cools the surrounding air reducing the ambient temperature. With a properly installed CoolMist Fog / Mist cooling system your surrounds remain dry and your animals won't even feel any moisture.


  • Lowers the temperature by up to 15°C
  • Provides a cooler, more comfortable environment for you and your animals
  • Reduce the risk of heat stress by keeping your animals cooler
  • Lower the threat of mortality
  • Deter flying insects which can reduce irritation and discomfort to your animals
  • Save time spent manually wetting down areas
  • Keep dust and pollen at bay
  • Energy efficient, minimum water usage provides you with an economical solution

Who can benefit? Are any of the following areas under your care?

Horse Stables
Animal Breeders
Agistment Centres    Equestrian Centres and Events
Horse Arenas Race Day Stables
Shearing Sheds
Poultry Farms
Bird Aviaries
Cattle Farms

Keeping your animals or livestock cool during summer is more than just an act of kindness. It's a matter of safety.Protect your animals from Heat Stress and its associated problems, talk to one of our friendly consultants today 1300 266 564.

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