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Mist Cooling Kits High Pressure

Mist cooling kits for both the homeowner and small commercial users. A CoolMist System is perfect to cool off your patio, customers enjoying a meal at your cafe or restaurant, humidifying a small greenhouse and even keeping your pets cool. Get our misting system today and keep the heat of summer away.


4 x 450mm Mist Fan Kit

4 x 450mm Mist Fan Kit

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4 x 450mm misting fan kit with high pressure pump

refreshes and cools areas to 200 metres square. 

Powerful and effective solution for lowering the temperature in dry or high humidity conditions. 

Misting fans are the ideal way to bring refreshing coolness to your outdoor spaces, whether it's a restaurant, bar, workplace or nightclub. The ECO high pressure pump and CoolMist 450mm fan provide a rapid air exchange and exceptional lowering of the ambient temperature

The DIY complete mist fan package is easy to set-up and self install.

How it works:
We use atomised water to reduce the temperature. By means of a pump system, water is pressurised to 60 bars and then atomised through special nozzles into droplets of less than 10 microns (smaller than the thickness of hair). 

The ultra-fine mist is distributed by high velocity wall fans that have a stainless steel mist ring fitted to the face. Cool, refreshing air is dispersed through out the area by the powerful and quiet running fans.  Oscillating at 90 degrees the fans can lower the temperature of an area up to 200 metres square by up to 10 degrees Celsius. 

Thanks to the built-in analogue timer, you can set the pause and work times based on the existing ambient conditions. The optimal climate conditions for system operation are temperatures between 26º and 45º C and relative humidity between 40% and 80%. 

Careful attention is given to the manufacture of the components to ensure a product of the highest quality and performance. The kit is packaged for quick and professional self- installation. All kits are tested prior to shipment and come complete with an installation and operating manual. 

The misting fan kit is the perfect way for cooling indoor or semi-outdoor areas. 

4 x 450 mm Mist fan kit includes: 

  • Fog Eco 1 l/min, 60 bar, 
  • Inlet water filter kit: 5" G1/2" M-F complete with 5 micron polypropylene cartridge,  
  • Water supply kit: comprising 10mm connector with 3 m length hose to fit garden tap
  • Oscillation mist fan: 450mm -18", 125 watt, 230V-50Hz, Qty 4
  • Mist ring: stainless steel for 5 nozzles, Qty 4
  • Polyamide pipe: rated for high pressures 3/8" (in roll), Qty 50 metres
  • Rubberised stainless steel clamp: for fixing polyamide pipe 3/8", Qty 40
  • Misting Nozzles: Nickel plated brass with anti-drip check valve thread 10/24UNC2A Qty 20+8*
  • Tee quick fitting: Nickel plated brass, Qty 3

Fog ECO pump technical features: 

  • Motor-pump: 1420 Rpm, 230V-50Hz with axial pump two plungers
  • Pump operating pressure: 60 bar
  • Thermal protection: against current surge
  • Built-in analogue timer: pause from 0 to 60 seconds/work from 0 to 60 seconds
  • Unloader valve
  • L.p. pressure switch for automatic shut-off for low or no water
  • Automatic anti-drip system

Ideal for: 
Alfresco areas 
Indoor / Outdoor rooms 

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