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Outdoor Cooling Systems, Misting Systems & Misting Fans

Outdoor Cooling Systems, Misting Systems & Misting Fans  

Outdoor Cooling Systems Cool the Surrounding Air Instantly. You can Feel the Difference...

CoolMist provide fogging systems, misting systems, misting fans and portable mist fans for fast effective and efficient outdoor cooling for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Industrial applications.

"Cooling your outdoor area, open factory or warehouse, pre-cooling AC Condenser systems or protecting your staff and livestock from heat stress can be a difficult or costly task." By installing a CoolMist Outdoor Mist Cooling System you can alleviate the problems associated with heat quickly, efficiently and effectively. 


Air humidification has been used for centuries to control the room environment and now using this same principle our revolutionary open-air misting system is your answer to outdoor air-conditioning

When you invest in a misting solution, for work or play, you want a system that you can depend on. A system that you can be proud of and your clients, staff or guests are really impressed by. With this in mind CoolMist has selected leading manufacturers who build superior quality equipment designed for high pressure misting and fogging applications. 

CoolMist Unique Outdoor Cooling Technology: A Simple Concept!

The CoolMist Outdoor Cooling system operates at 1,000 psi and delivers a cool mist of very fine water droplets of less than 10 micron in size. 

The ambient air temperature is reduced by forcing water through small appropriately sized nozzles under high pressure producing clouds of ultra-fine mist consisting of billions of small drops which absorb huge amounts of heat as they "flash evaporate" in the air. This means that there is uniform and constant atomisation which creates the coolest possible temperatures with a very dry feeling toyour skin. You can expect a temperature reduction in the surrounding air by up to 15º C depending on the weather conditions. 

Whether you are in a dry climate or a humid climate, CoolMist high-pressure mist systems are the most recommended and effective systems available. 

Deters flies and other insects!

Utilising this simple principle of "thermal dynamics”, our high pressure misting systems are engineered to take full advantage of the "mist cooling science”. And not only does it cool, it also creates a relaxing atmosphere, is visually effective, removes dust and pollen from the air and is a deterrent to flies and other insects.

Size matters - you won't get wet!

High pressure nebulising produces water droplets as small as 5 microns in size ensuring that the mist cloud stays in the air long enough to avoid condensation on the surface of the surrounding areas and will not wet the skin of your employees, guests or clients when installed and operated properly.

Misting fan systems combine the evaporative cooling process with convection cooling (wind chill factor) to achieve a significant increase in cooling the surrounding area to provide a cool refreshing breeze.

Mist fan systems can be used both outdoors and indoors. Compared to conventional air-conditioning our mist line systems, portable mist fans and mist fan systems can provide a cost effective warehouse cooling system for your employees.

Mist line systems, Mist fan systems and Mobile Mist Fans are used to cool industrial facilities, warehouse facilities, commercial business and in the home.

Install now and BEAT the Summer Heat

Whether you need outdoor cooling in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or any other part of Australia, CoolMist can provide you with the ultimate outdoor cooling system to keep you cool and refreshed.

A well designed cool mist system makes a remarkable addition to your business or home. CoolMist provide customised design and full installation service, alternatively complete outdoor cooling systems are packaged into kits and are readily available.

Outdoor Cooling Kits are regularly sent around Australia and are easily installed. Our kits include everything you need to complete installation and a detailed DIY instruction manual with all the information you need to assist you in assembling your system.

Our customer support team on 1300 266 564 can assist you with any queries or concerns.

CoolMist Outdoor Cooling Systems

  • Keep you cool and do not wet
  • Reduce the air temperature by up to 15°C
  • Instant evaporation
  • No wetting or dripping
  • High Quality Misting Systems
  • Low water usage
  • Minimum running costs
  • Low maintenance

Outdoor Cooling Systems are ideal for:

Outdoor Entertaining


Alfresco Dining Stables
School Gymnasiums Kennels
 Playgrounds Breeding animals
Warehouse Poultry Farms 
 Factories and many more...

CoolMist Offer: FREE Custom Design

Specialised Industry Knowledge & Experience

Professional Installation

DIY Kits with detailed instruction manual

Affordable European quality equipment


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