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A-JET Turbo fog cannon efficient, effective dust suppression 

Engineered to industrial standards for use in extreme environments

Using exclusive technology, the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon has has been engineered for efficient and effective dust suppression in commercial and industrial environments. The hydraulic machines are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in three sizes and various configurations, they offer high agglomeration of air-borne dust particles in a broad range of applications including mining operations, building demolition, construction sites, waste and recycling plants, steel and slag facilities.

Less water, Less power - Better Dust Suppression

This ground breaking heavy duty dust suppression machine sets new benchmarks in safety, efficiency and environmental impact without compromising on performance output. Designed for low power and water use, the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon combines a powerful fan with high launch efficiency of between 20m and 65m, to cover areas of up to 13,000 square metres.

Micro nozzles mounted on individual crowns atomise water into billions of micro-fine droplets that readily bond to similar sized airborne dust particles, resulting in extremely effective and efficient dust suppression.

Proven Dust Suppression!

Industry specific case studies show a proven capability to suppress dust from a minimum of 50% to 92%. These case studies are available upon request.

Save Water 1:20 Ratio!

Avoid muddy and boggy conditions. Variable water flow allows the user to manage the volume of mist to suit the current conditions and the intensity of the dust present. Water use is reduced dramatically when compared to the amount of water employed by traditional irrigation systems and handheld hoses. 

Customisable and durable solution to dust suppression

Engineered to industrial duty standards for use in harsh environments, the machines are robust, versatile and simple to operate with remote control. Manufactured in standard modules, A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon is available in a basic configuration and upgraded with various components such as rising boom, trailer and generator. The range includes pole mount, wall mount, roof mount, self contained mobile machines, trailer, skid or crawler mounted or alternatively fixed or mounted onto any vehicle.

With the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon you can:

  •  Effectively capture dust particles of PM20 or less reducing breathable or fugitive dust in the surrounding air
  • Use significantly less water than traditional water  sprinklers and hose systems
  • Limit muddy and boggy conditions /problems as there is minimal or no groundwater present      
  • Reduce clean up costs as the surrounding surface area has little moisture 
  • Prevent site and demolition rubble from over saturation, saving dollars in trucking weight to landfill
  • Decrease machine maintenance costs by lowering equipment abrasion rates caused by dust
  • Reduce personnel costs employed to spray the work site freeing up manpower for more important tasks
  • Improve work force safety with an automated remote controlled system
  • Support local Council and EPA/DEC regulations by significantly reducing dust emissions from your business operation abiding with ambient air quality standards                     

Fields of Application:

Mining Sites    

Construction Sites

 Demolition Sites    Cement Plants and Concrete Mixing Plants
 Foundries    Chemical Industries
 Quarries    Recycling and Processing Plants
 Wood Processing Plants    Compost Production Plants
 Waste Disposal Sites    Road Construction
 Tunnelling    Shiploading / Unloading operations in Industrial Ports

A-JET Turbo Fog solutions for a healthier environment

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